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Does your lighting still work for you?

Author: Kevin Stubbs FSLL, Technical Sales Manager
Date: 23/07/2018

Kevin Stubbs FSLL - Technical Sales Manager at Llumarlite, asks the questions that we should all know the answer to...

Have a quick think…  Is your business aware it is probably wasting money?


Previously, I’ve discussed how to calculate LED lifecycle and maintenance on new schemes, but… what are you doing with your existing projects, estate & premises?  By continuing to use outdated lighting, does your business know

How close is it to lights out?

Some legacy spares become impossible to source

NB - Wiring may be deteriorating, especially where terminated in the luminaire

How much it spends maintaining lighting?

Control gear and lamp failure rates – these start to fail in small quantities

Ballasts 50 – 100, 000 hours = from 5-10 years life with 24/7 use

Fluorescent lamps 20, 000 hours = from 2 years life with 24/7 use

How much it spends running lighting?

Good controls, well commissioned, to suit your current application & use efficient LED luminaires, carefully chosen to suit your application

Hidden problems to your business (these might include:)

Insufficient light or quality of light (lamp and depreciation)
Glare (poor choice of lamp replacement)
Flicker (elderly lamps/control gear, or incompatible systems)

NB - Maximum demand costs and high energy tariffs may be avoided by energy efficient lighting systems

On top of that - if you jump (or had jumped) to a short-term LED solution, you could be in a worse situation in as little as 3 years?

Sounds worrying - Where can I get help?

Replacing your lights and/or control system could save all these costs and quickly pay for itself.  Llumarlite has a team of lighting experts who would be happy to visit you - to help you assess your assets and risks.

We can help you specify and responsibly choose the right lighting solution for your project, to satisfy your customers and staff, as well as your accountants. Conact us to discuss your current lighting problems and we can explore the best solution for your needs.

Contact us for more information on this topic or to find out more on ways we can help with your lighting.

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