Author: Llumarlite
Date: 11/09/2018

Problems With Obsolete Components?

If you would like to update your lighting to a new and modern system using quality LEDs but you’re feeling hindered by the fact you have obsolete equipment, don’t stress.  There are solutions you would benefit from.

Firstly, let’s look at your current position. You are probably paying far too much in energy costs to keep old lighting on. Furthermore, running outdated equipment means that you are faced with statistically predictable failure rates which will only continue to increase as your old lighting, e.g. fluorescent, get closer to their end of life stage – they are on the verge if they are failing.  This means that to keep them running you will be spending time and money on both replacement parts and maintenance.  Have you ever worked out just how much this costs you?

So, your lighting is obsolete.  How did this happen?  It maybe that you have not had much of an option to invest in upgrading.  The simple fact is, the longer you leave your old lights up, the costlier they will become and the harder you will find it to source parts.

Not a standard type, specification or size of luminaire?  Llumarlite can help you identify constraints and resolve this with a cost-effective modern luminaire.  Replacing your lighting with up to date technology is what we specialise in.  Why not give us the burden?  We will source or bespoke manufacture a luminaire or solution where needed and upgrade your lighting provision to quality EU/British products.  Letting you get on with saving money while creating a better place for staff and visitors to your building(s).

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Published on: 2018-09-11