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Generate money with LED lighting

Generate money with LED lighting

Can LED lighting make money for my business?

After the initial ‘payback period’ has been achieved on your original investment, the new lighting scheme will be generating money which allows you to spend it elsewhere to enhance the performance of your business.

In replacing your old lighting system with a modern low energy version, we will deliver direct savings on your energy lighting bill and benefit you with indirect savings; by using less power on every lighting circuit this will also cut the load on your Air Conditioning or other HVAC systems.  A lighting control system can also send presence information to mechanical systems and only turn lighting on when people are present. In doing so, we have created further indirect savings, which can be dramatic as it can reduce your maximum demand charges or allow you to review your tariff. 

Increase productivity & wellbeing levels?

When considering a new lighting scheme, it is important to discuss whether your business and lighting needs have changed with your management team.  You should explore whether you are keeping pace with modern lighting technology and work life developments.  It is worthwhile considering; Whether tasks have changed over time? Would more flexibility help in the future?  Can we improve the environment for your revenue generators i.e staff?  Review your needs and consider the developments made in modern lighting technology and industry guidelines.  This will help create a solid business case based on energy and resolve practical requirements for your building and people.

Building these elements in early could mean that a few percent more spent on lighting could, for instance, improve colour rendering, reduce flicker and improve comfort.  This will make a tired workspace become a desirable, comfortable and a more productive environment to work in.  Your staff may then have more energy and ideas, want to go the extra mile for you and make less mistakes; hence generate more revenue and improve profits.

Recent studies in lighting are also trending towards Human Centric Lighting, where lighting can be further enhanced by building in flexibility to respond to preferences or subtly change colour through the day or night cycle to improve wellbeing of staff, especially helping night shift workers.

Improve financial performance?

It is not the fabric of the building that creates the energy of your business to keep ahead of the competition and put your customers first - it is your staff.  The workforce creates the heartbeat

Considering the factors above can make your business more responsive, putting your team first means they could have less time off sick, be more creative and productive whilst at work - helping your business improve its’ financial performance.  Often, a little thought and discussion with the Llumarlite team at this important time means that what could have been a great energy saving scheme also becomes a great lighting scheme, helping your staff and enhancing your business for the future.