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Does your lighting meet current regulations?

Does your lighting meet current regulations?

What has changed?

As time moves on, all markets learn more about safety, ways of working and innovating technologies.  We must all protect our environment, meet targets and regulations set by government.  In lighting, this is achieved through the careful selection of energy efficient, recyclable equipment, avoidance of restricted or hazardous materials and the careful disposal of old materials or components through good practice and ISO 9001 agreed processes.

To keep abreast of these continued updates, Llumarlite is an active members of the Lighting Industry Association (LIA).  Our specialists sit on the LIA Technical Board and Industry Committee for Emergency Lighting (ICEL) committees to share knowledge and strive to continually update local & international benchmarks and guidance for the UK market.

What are my responsibilities?

Check with your management, it could well be you who carries the legal responsibility as the ‘responsible person’ for your company, site or employees.  Not knowing your responsibilities is no defence should you end up in court after an incident, injury or death.

Recent tragedies have again highlighted that individuals and businesses carry this ‘duty of care’ for all building users, employees and site visitors.  You must provide a suitable, safe and comfortable work environment.

This ethic must now be considered earlier on in the process - throughout design and construction phases to meet the Construction Design and Management (CDM) regulations (updated 2015), this includes refurbishment works too.

Anyone who gives advice (including a salesman) can be classified as an expert or designer, and it is the responsibility of the person instructing the work (the client) to ensure that suitable systems are in place and regularly monitored.  You are responsible for employing competent and responsible persons to safely carry out this work through the construction phase.  A legacy of safer or reduced maintenance risk is to be considered throughout the consultation and design phases.  This is for any scale of works from your own home (residential) to projects of all scales in the business environment.

Can my staff (including visitors or customers) work and evacuate safely?

Your responsibilities include providing a risk assessment for every part of your premises.  Use the following basics as a guideline; What is the risk of fire? Do we have suitable escape routes? What are the methods of escape?  Life safety systems can then be designed or re-assessed to meet current fire detection and emergency lighting standards.

Finally, commissioning and testing these systems, along with keeping records, is just as important.  Ask yourself; Will the systems work when and how they are supposed to (in all conditions and eventualities)? Will alarm sounders go off?  Can firefighting help be called?  Will emergency lighting come on inside and outside your building?  Will signage direct people along your safe evacuation routes?

How can I achieve compliance across my building or estate?

Our team at Llumarlite all have the skills to survey your premises and give you guidance on where and how to upgrade your life safety systems to be compliant.  We will also let you know where you may save energy or improve the working environment for your staff or customers.

We can assist with the design, installation and offer full project management to help ensure that all regulations, responsibilities and processes are achieved.

This is a brief overview showing some of the regulations legislation and guidance with respect to Lighting Regulatory Reform (fire Safety) Order 2005