Lighting Solutions From Concept To Completion

Providing expertise across Commercial Lighting and Emergency Lighting, Llumarlite help reduce energy consumption and environmental impact through high quality lighting design and engineering.

Expertise at every stage

Commercial lighting solutions
We focus on providing efficient retrofit lighting and emergency lighting solutions to businesses, schools, healthcare and the public sector, taking projects from the initial survey through to installation.

From straightforward designs to complex projects, including listed buildings and bespoke manufacturing, our expert team of lighting designers, engineers, project managers and technical specialists are there at every stage of the project.
Lighting Services
  • Lighting Surveys
  • Lighting Design
  • Manufactured Solutions
  • Bespoke, Remanufactured & Upcycled Luminaires
  • Lighting Controls
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Central Battery Systems
  • Installation and Refurbishment
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Lighting is a significant cost to business and the continuing rise in energy costs is urgently driving the need for efficiency gains. Reduce your energy costs with efficient lighting.

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Our approach

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From straightforward designs to complex retrofits to listed buildings, our expert team build up a complete picture of your project and company requirements.
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We focus on ways to improve the lit environment, reduce current energy usage, and identify potential efficiency saving opportunities and future flexibility on the project. It is key that we deliver a safe, suitable, and sustainable solution that avoids disruption to your daily business.
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Our straightforward approach and core principles drive us to develop project solutions that focus on the best interest of our clients, the buildings’ users, and the environment.

Emergency Lighting Solutions

Llumarlite provide a range of emergency lighting solutions to businesses that are in full compliance with BS 5266. Our emergency lighting experts provide services either as a standalone project or as part of a larger lighting scheme.
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Services and Regulations
Our emergency lighting experts work with you through the complete process; by understanding the needs of your business along with detailed site surveys, we guide you through the lighting scheme design phase before delivering the final installation with our project management team and engineers.
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Central Battery Systems
We provide a range of fully compliant to EN 50171 systems, from single phase compact units covering 240 <2,400 Watts of connected load, to hot swappable 4kVA < 24kVA modular units and larger scale three phase from 10 kVA < 250kVA units. Whether it’s a standalone project or as part of a larger lighting scheme our team are ready to help.
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We offer a range of basic Self-contained equipment with 5 year warranties, self-test solutions on the same equipment to products that uplift to a smart hub controlled automatic testing and full skills associated with DALI registered controls with premium optics and illuminance
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Built on Principles & Process

Underpinning our work are a set of core principles and processes. They help us to focus on the areas that matter and deliver projects with a positive impact.
Guiding our decisions
At the core of Llumarlite run our guiding principles summarised as Safe, Suitable and Sustainable principles. They work in tandem with our process to make sure we are making the right choices for the client and keep us focused to create projects as sustainable as possible.
Process driven results
To make sure we deliver the best results we use our Review, Refresh, Replace process. It allows us understand your needs better and deliver solutions that may not always be obvious.

What is the best lighting solution for your project?
Accredited CPD courses
Stay up to date with our range of fully accredited CPD courses. Understand how the latest changes in emergency lighting regulations could affect your designs or develop the skills to navigate your way through the potential obstacles you can encounter when designing lighting schemes within historic buildings.