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Take your lighting knowledge to the next level with our accredited training courses lead by our lighting industry experts
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Essential topics
Develop your understanding and skills in lighting and lighting regulations further through our range of CPD’s. From short introductory sessions to more advanced levels we provide courses covering Standards and Legislation Overview, including Risk, Responsibility and Competence, Types of Emergency Lighting and regulations, Lighting Levels and design decisions.  

Our training courses are suitable for Architects, Consultants, Building Owners, Building Managers and End Users. They are  will also be of interest to persons responsible for the safety and wellbeing of their employees or building occupants.

We presented at both in-person and online events throughout the year or we can arrange to present specifically to your practice or company.
Our courses are accredited by the Fire Industry Association (FIA) or are currently awaiting accreditation.

Presented by

Industry experts
Our CPDs are presented by experts with many years of practical and technical experience in lighting. Llumarlite and our team are proud and active members of the LIA,ICEL the Fire Industry Association and CIBS, with Both Kevin and Ian leading technical boards helping to shape the lighting and emergency lighting industry.
Kevin Stubbs FSLL
Technical sales
Kevin Stubbs FSLL profile picture.
  • 43 years in Lighting, Controls, Bespoke, Repair & Replacement
  • Fellow - Society of Light & Lighting CIBSE Knowledge Management Committee
  • Vice Chair Emergency Lighting TC/ICEL
  • Member Lighting Industry Association (LIA)Technical Board
  • Member Connected Lighting TC Member Circular Economy TC
  • Member Lighting Remanufacture
Ian Watts
Emergency Lighting Specialist
Ian Watts profile picture.
  • Ian is convenor of CEN 169 WG3 leading the revision of EN 1838 aligning this content suitably with EN 50172 application standard.
  • The UK representative for the Fire Industry Association on BS 5266 part 1. Ian delivers training for the FIA, CIBSE and the British Fire Consortium.
  • Vice Chair of ICEL technical committee and Chair of the FIA (ELWG) Emergency Lighting Working Group.


Lighting for Historic Buildings

Learn to navigate the rules and regulations when designing lighting for historic buildings. This CPD aims to help you recognise different needs, opportunities whilst avoiding pitfalls.

Review Performance of Lighting & Emergency Systems

Gain greater insight into some of the most pressing issues affecting commercial lighting. Enhance your skills and understanding through a range of topics that will help improve your buildings or projects.

An Introduction To Emergency Lighting BS5266/EN1838

FIA Accredited
A 1h CPD session providing an introduction to Emergency Lighting in compliance with BS5266/EN1838, accredited by the FIA