Improving lighting,
reducing costs

Llumarlite are an independent lighting solutions company. Our services help businesses reduce their energy use and environmental impact through high quality lighting design and engineering for over 30 years.

Built on quality design and engineering

Founded in the early 1990’s, Llumarlite was established to help clients reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact through high quality design and engineered lighting solutions.

Over the years this commitment to quality and the constant desire to push ourselves and our clients to develop and implement the best lighting solutions has helped save vast sums of energy, money, and CO2 emissions

We are an independent lighting solutions company not tied to any manufacturer. This independence enables us to work with all leading manufacturers and bring our customers the optimum solution and products to their projects.
We provide our services to many leading companies and organisations on a diverse range of projects across a variety of sectors including Banking, Healthcare, Retail, Government, Industrial and Educational institutions. Companies include Tesco plc, AT&T, Bank of England, Coutts & Co, Deutsche Bank, West Middlesex University Hospital, Marks & Spencer and to FM providers CBRE, ENGIE, and Bouygues.

Our services

Through Consultation, Surveying, Data Collection, Design, Manufacturing, Installation and Lighting Control we provide clients a complete package from start to finish.
  • Lighting Surveys
  • Lighting Design
  • Manufactured Solutions
  • Bespoke, Remanufactured & Upcycled Luminaires
  • Installation and Refurbishment
  • Lighting Controls
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Central Battery Systems

Our approach

From straightforward designs to complex retrofits within listed buildings our expert team build up a complete picture of your project and company requirements.
We focus on ways to improve the lit environment, reduce current energy usage, and identify potential efficiency saving opportunities and future flexibility on the project. It is key that we deliver a safe, suitable, and sustainable solution that avoids disruption to your daily business.
Our straightforward approach and core principles drive us to develop project solutions that focus on the best interest of our clients, the buildings’ users, and the environment.

Our People