Our Philosophy

Llumarlite have an in-house team of experts involved at all stages of the project, providing a simple line of communication with no middle man. We believe that each client should be handled with care and given our undivided attention, read on to see how each step is taken care of.

Llumarlite are a UK based company specialised in providing turnkey lighting solutions. Our in-house team are experienced in retrofit supply and install, project management, lighting design and turning lighting into a revenue stream while providing an eco-friendly solution.

As an independent provider of lighting solutions we have great flexibility to work with a wide range of manufacturers including our own in-house team, as a result our solutions work around you rather than us with no interruption to your business working hours.

Established in 1992, Llumarlite has achieved national coverage and continues to grow. Our approach to delivering quality lighting solutions comes from years of working closely with each client, steadily refining our methodology and providing cohesive solutions with confidence that you can trust in.

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