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Providing lighting solutions to businesses and the public sector. Find out how much you could reduce your energy bill with our free lighting review.
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Reduce energy costs with efficient lighting

  • Review the lighting design
  • Optimise the lighting controls
  • Add presence detection and dimming
  • Cut energy and maintenance costs with LED
Rising Costs
Lighting is a significant cost to business, especially as we enter the darker days of winter, and the continuing rise in energy costs urgently drives the need for efficiency gains. The good news is that our expert team have been helping business improve lighting and reducing the energy load for over 30 years.

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Our experienced team understand the needs and challenges faced by businesses and the pressing need to reduce energy costs. Our experts are with you at every stage of the project, from the initial survey through the development and delivery of a lighting solution that will save you money.

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Cut your energy costs, improve lighting, reduce maintenance Find out how much you could save with our free assessment.
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Quality design and engineering

We focus on ways to improve the lit environment, reduce current energy usage, and identify potential efficiency saving opportunities and future flexibility on the project.
Complete services from start to finish we are with you at every stage. Installation through to commissioning our Project Managers and installation team make sure that your project runs smoothly.
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