Review Performance (Value) of Lighting & Emergency Systems (Commercial Buildings)

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1 hour
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Course overview

Gain greater insight into some of the most pressing issues affecting commercial lighting and develop your skills and understanding further to deliver a better outcome for your projects or buildings.  Covering a range of important topics this CPD will help you in Identifying risk, understanding human centric lighting and safety needs. It will show you ways to enhance and improve your lighting projects, specifying lighting needs and how to maximise their value. It also covers issues of environmental responsibility and sustainability by showing how to identify waste in new and existing applications and looking at Circular Economy principles and how you can identify opportunities.

This RIBA accredited CPD session covers part of their Core Curriculum in ‘Design, construction & technology’ and ‘Sustainable architecture’.  

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  • Should I Review, Refresh or Replace my Lighting Systems?
  • Introduction to Current Legislation & Guidance
  • Simple ways to apply Circular Economy principles
  • Consider Comfort, Efficiency & Life Safety of Lighting
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Think of current & future use
  • Assess Fire Risks, Suitability, Availability, Serviceability & Lifecycle of Lighting Equipment?
Who is the course for

The CPD is suitable for Architects, Consultants, Building Owners, Building Managers and End Users. It will also be of interest to persons responsible for the safety and wellbeing of their employees or building occupants.