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Can You Still Fix It? Yes, We Can!

September 1, 2023

How long will you be able to get lamps and gear to maintain your legacy project?  Llumarlite always have a retrofit solution to refresh your project and make it maintainable.

Lamps becoming obsolete?

This is progress I’m afraid. Your lights are beyond their intended life and wasting energy.  The EU Eco-design measures (Single Lighting Regulation) are an agreed method of progressive energy saving targets that the UK and EU governments sign up to, to reduce both wasted energy and global warming.  

On the first of September 2023 the UK Government implemented the first part of a phased ban on the sale of florescent lamps under the Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (RoHS). 

The phased changes will initially see the ban of T8 lamps in sizes 2ft, 4ft and 5ft followed by a ban of T5, T8 (other sizes) and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) on the 1st February, 2024.

Hard to find replacement ballasts/control gear?

Unfortunately, market forces govern the demands for control gear, now that LEDs and associated drivers have become mainstream there is much less demand for the relatively few ballasts that your building might need to keep its luminaires operating. Hence electronic control gear manufacturers effectively stopped developing ballasts and emergency inverters for fluorescent luminaires and are no longer manufacturing many types, so the costs of your crucial parts will also increase.

Want to update your lighting to a modern LED system but hindered by obsolete equipment?

Don’t stress. There are solutions to help you benefit from LEDs.

Let’s look at your current position. You are paying far too much in energy costs to keep them on! Furthermore, when running outdated equipment, you can statistically predict failure rates. These will only increase as your old lighting(e.g. fluorescent lamps and control and emergency equipment) get closer to their end of life. By simply keeping them running you will be spending time and money on both replacement parts and maintenance on top of excessive running costs. Also, remember that you may have only needed a few ballasts now and then when you struck that supply deal, but now you could be buying hundreds. Have you ever worked out just how much these situations now cost your business?

So, your lighting is obsolete. How did this happen?

It may have been your predecessor or previous FM company, or maybe that you have not had a capital budget to invest in upgrading. The simple fact is, the longer you leave your old lights up, the costlier they will become and the harder you will find it to source parts. Make your case to insist on a capital budget. Stop your company wasting money.


Not a standard type, specification or size of luminaire?  Llumarlite can help you identify constraints and resolve them with a cost-effective modern luminaire or control solution. Replacing your lighting with up to date technology is our specialism. Why not give us the burden?  We will source or bespoke manufacture a luminaire where needed and upgrade your lighting provision to quality EU/British products.  Letting you get on with saving money whilst also creating a better place for staff and visitors.


Between my colleagues and I, the Llumarlite team probably know a lot more about the design details and considerations behind your building’s luminaires, control systems, ceilings, air conditioning or chilled beam services than you.  We have probably been involved in it at one time or another, installed or fixed similar problems in similar buildings, so we are ideally placed and have a passion to help you update your lighting systems.  We can give proper consideration for your building’s aesthetics, risks and integrated systems, and help you save the world’s resources!

Can we fix it?  Yes, we can.

Contact Llumarlite today and let our team of experts help you.

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