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Difficulty Sourcing Obsolete Lighting & Components?

Author: Kevin Stubbs FSLL, Technical Sales Manager
Date: 22/05/2019

Kevin Stubbs (FSLL)  -  Technical Sales Manager at Llumarlite, highlights an area that our customers regularly face –

“The longer you leave your old lights up, the costlier they will become to run, and the harder you will find it to source parts”

Would you like to update your lighting, use the latest LEDs, perhaps hindered by old equipment?

It’s most likely you are paying for too much energy – it doesn’t make sense to keep old lighting running. High loads of lighting also mean high loads on your Air-Con plant, a double whammy of energy costs!
Outdated equipment fails at statistically predictable rates, sometimes known as the “Bathtub Curve”

 How did this happen? - Sadly, you have discovered that your lighting is obsolete?

Such problems will grow and will be costing someone dearly should they consider all of their operating costs.

Grasp the nettle, and don’t worry if you do not have a standard type, specification or size of luminaire.

- Don’t worry – together we can solve this - Our team at Llumarlite can help you identify building, wiring, and controls constraints and resolve this with a cost-effective up to date luminaire solution.

Replacing your lighting with up to date technology is what we specialise in. 
We will design or source suitable luminaires and upgrade your lighting utilising quality British made luminaires and EU products, meeting the latest guidelines & standards as we go.

This will enable you to get on with saving money whilst creating a better place for staff and clients using your building For more information see our upcycling-vs-recycling blog and our Does Your Lighting Still Work for You?

Contact us for more information on this topic or to find out more on ways we can help with your lighting.

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