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Does your business have control of its lights?

Author: Kevin Stubbs FSLL, Technical Sales Manager
Date: 15/11/2017

Kevin Stubbs FSLL, Technical Sales Manager at Llumarlite asks the question.

During a team meeting, Joe Jannetta (Managing Director at Llumarlite) and our team wondered: how many buildings and their owner/occupiers would have the initiative and be able to take control of their lights, either by automatic presence/absence control, or by reprogramming them to ensure they switch off during this years (2017) WWF Earth Hour?

Earth Hour is an ideal opportunity to check that a building has all the relevant Operation & Maintenance (O&M) manuals, installation/update records and capabilities within the building and with the energy manager and FM team.

Having first made sure we had control of our own building, we chose to spend our Saturday evening out and about in Central London to see what happened, in real time, during Earth Hour.  Did you have control of your lights on that night?  If not, you may be wasting precious resources and your company’s money; and not just for Earth Hour!
The basics needed to ensure you have control are:

Did you have control of your lights on that night?

It is not the control system’s protocol, type of dimming system or the aesthetics that save the most energy.  However, keeping everything as simple, understandable and flexible as it can be means:

With respect to “smart systems” – it’s you that needs to be smart. Make sure that you have the features and functions you need, to ensure that you have control of your lights.  Buzzwords won’t help - the control system needs only to be “smart enough” to give the functionality and savings you need.

Should you want help making the most of your lighting system LLumarlite will be happy to share our experience on either controls or upcycling your lighting, to help reduce energy consumption by demand side reduction.

Contact us for more information on this topic or to find out more on ways we can help with your lighting.

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