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Compatibility issues affecting lighting

November 27, 2018

Regular Problems encountered are:

Ceiling - This was specially made and irreplaceable due to tooling costs.

Services Integration – Mechanical air handling supply and exhaust (return) air are not quantified or not available from an “off theshelf” or “standard” luminaire.

Contacts – Lost contact with our supplier, they’ve been taken over or disappeared from the market.

Controls – Lost control of your lights? In our experience this can happen as quickly a year from handover.  Sometimes it is difficult to regain controlor establish what is not working.

Availability – Parts may no longer be available, or the source of an alternative is unknown.

Regulations and Standards – Does your lighting or emergency system comply?


Llumarlite’s combined experience can help you overcome all of these, and more, scenarios.

Our team includes people with many years’ experience of large London to small regional projects. We can identify what might cause you difficulty and offer realistic and timely solutions.

Integration with other services to make lighting fit in and function seamlessly is something our team have been doing for 25 years.  Our broad partnership and contact base keep us up to date with those bits you can no longer find or things that may indeed work better for you.

Lighting technology has moved on, as have the standards.  Our active involvement in the Lighting Industry Association (LIA) keeps us abreast of upcoming changes and we are ready with solutions and options to help you.

Recent IoT and wireless control systems can allow you to build small systems where lighting controls may not have been feasible in the past, these systems can be seamlessly scaled up to provide site-wides solutions.  Today’s controls can be stand-alone (straightforward and effective), or interconnectable.  Providing you with future-proof solutions as your business and its needs change. Controls can now allow better interaction from building users and occupiers with monitoring and feedback facilities for building managers.