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Need to save, can't spend?

December 4, 2018

Status Quo. As a rock group; this works - they are legends, they continue to perform well; their surviving members still enjoy touring and playing live as much as their audiences enjoy seeing them. This makes money.

Status Quo. As in your lighting; this doesn’t work - for you, the environment, or your client. Performance drops, running costs increase and an unpleasant working environment can cause disaffection amongst staff. This loses money.

Are you too busy to save energy and maintenance costs?

Do you not hold the budget this year?

Is your employer making ‘big plans’ for lighting but still not yet announced anything?

Has anyone said ‘No’, or has this been your assumption?

These are common situations. There is no need to maintain the Status Quo with your lighting –think ahead a little, make notes of your realistic outgoings.

If you have up to date lighting and you are not controlling it as well as you could, expert help could help you save up to 50% of your energy costs, and can pay back within 1-2years.

If you have older fluorescent, discharge lamps, or early LED lighting installations again you could save up to 50% of your energy costs by replacing lighting with new quality LED solutions and pay back within 2 years.

If you may be waiting for big plans, remember also Tempus Fugit, so those £1000’s of energy that could be saved monthly now will soon be£100,000’s spent needlessly.


Llumarlite can help you assess your current situation and develop a plan to upgrade your lighting and controls to save energy, maintenance and reduce indirect costs to help you move forward now or submit a plan to your employer for next year’s budget. In essence, this is self-financing.  Llumarlite can help you understand this and make a convincing business case to get the message across to those holding the purse strings to fund this environmentally friendly solution.

So, don’t maintain the Status Quo, maintain your building by upgrading its lighting - some thinking outside the box could improve your workplace and be saving a lot of money within months.