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Milton Keynes
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Operational changes at a large distribution centre led to a lighting and energy strategy that was no longer relevant to the daily running of the site. Departmental and personnel changes had led to a lack of oversite and poor analysis of good quality data, resulting in huge energy inefficiencies. Our ongoing work with the client led our engineering team to flag the site during an energy review and with the company’s energy supervision team we undertook an investigation of the site.

Demonstrating the lighting controls in one of the aisles. The distribution centre covers 650,000 sq. ft with2400 Luminaires.

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The building covers 650,00 sq. Ft and required a full site visit by the Llumarlite team, giving them a much greater insight and understanding of how operations were now running and the needs of its users. Although several areas had been highlighted by the client prior to the visit our team were able to identify several other areas that had been overlooked and needed optimising. This included areas that were no longer operational running lights 24/7 and lighting in carparks that were on during the day. We also investigated the current lighting system and an inspection of the current fittings. The site has 2400 Luminaires, a mix of LED & T5, and a relatively modern controls system that is of a suitable standard for the application. This information allowed the team to develop a new lighting scheme, programme of works and present the potential energy savings to the client.

Delivering a saving of £350,000 per year
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With the potential for making huge reductions in energy costs everyone was keen for the project to move forward quickly and the Llumarlite team set about undertaking the repair, commissioning, and testing of the fittings and detectors. Luminaires were programmed to limit their maximum illuminance, presence controls were re-set from dim to off in absence with light only coming on when required, with a timer added to automatically turn off when no longer required. With the fittings repaired and new control philosophy in place the energy was closely monitored at the site showing that the changes made delivered a saving of £350,000 per year (2019) and had been achieved without moving a single luminaire.

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