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Secondary School Sports Hall

Milton Keynes
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Fed up with poor performing and energy hungry sports hall lighting, the school approached Llumarlite for a solution. The school gym originally had 30 600x600 modular Holophane 400w metal Halide lamps with a prismatic diffuser. These had at some point been converted to 120w ES cob lamps, but the light levels and lamp life were poor and the energy costs high.

The Llumarlite team choose to design, develop, and manufacture a bespoke modular solution that complimented the current apertures and was quick to install. The low energy high performance LED luminaire features a 2mm Opal Frost Polycarbonate diffuser with protective wire guard and produces an average of 500 lux as the school gym is periodically used for exams. We installed the new lighting over 2 days and feedback from staff members of the new lighting has been very positive.

Image 1
The original 120w ES cob lamp conversion in situ.

Image 2
The new fitting designed and manufactured by Llumarlite.

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