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ETA Circuit Breakers Ltd

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E-T-A Circuit Breakers, a global market leader in the design and production of circuit breakers for equipment protection, commissioned Llumarlite to overhaul their lighting provision, with energy saving being the key aim during the refurbishment. The Production Lab, Goods In and Despatch departments were the first areas to be updated, with Llumarlite recommending and installing LED luminaires with digital dimmer systems and passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors.

Infrared handsets enable the users to brighten, dim or switch the lighting on and off to suit their tasks, which include inspection work, where effective lighting is essential. Saving thousands of pounds in energy and maintenance costs Emergency lighting was replaced, and the external walkways and car park lighting were updated to include dusk till dawn photocell lighting and LED floodlights with PIR motion sensors.

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The old lighting layout for the office

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The office showing the new fittings and improved lighting levels

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This gave much brighter and more extensive coverage than previously. All lighting in the open plan and cellular offices were upgraded, along with fixtures in the kitchen, reception, toilets and corridors Lighting appropriate for use with flat screen monitors were installed and lighting in offices which have adjacent windows is now controlled by PIR motion sensors. An integral photocell dims the lighting if sufficient daylight penetrates the space, continually monitoring the balance. Lighting typically dims and switches off after occupants have left the space for 10 - 15minutes, ensuring energy efficiency. Not only has updated lighting improved the work environment, it is predicted to save thousands of pounds per annum in energy and maintenance costs.

Saving thousands of pounds per annum in energy and maintenance costs
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