International City Bank Luminaire replacement

Deutsche Bank / CBRE
September 3, 2018

An international City Bank needed to address a lighting system across multiple floors that had reached the end-of-life. We delivered a turn-key solution that provided the client with a custom-made luminaire that improved the overall lighting, reduced energy costs and provided a long maintenance free period, all without disruption to the client’s daily business.

Results / Metric

Replace around 9000 no 36W PL-L compact fluorescent luminaires with custom built 12W LED’s

Reduce lighting energy consumption by 70%

Delivered on-time and on budget

Having previously worked with Llumarlite on a ‘design, supply, install and commission’ project replacing 4600 no 2x26W TC-D downlight with 12W LED options, the client turned to us knowing we could meet the challenges of the new project.

To further understand the issues and challenges faced by the client we undertook a survey across the building’s floors.

After the initial survey, we developed a prototype and put this through extensive testing. The next phase of the project was to test a number of fittings within an agreed section of the building for a trial period over a number of weeks. The trial provided the team with lots of positive feedback and enabled all the stakeholders to view the solution in-situ. With the trial phase complete the team moved to the installation phase of the project working closely with the project managers overseeing the overall refit of the building

25% overall reduction in total energy use


Even before the project had completed the reduction in energy use had been noticed by the bank’s energy team, recording a 25% overall reduction in total energy use within the building over a 3-month period compared to the previous year.

The visual environment was enhanced to take into account modern computer screen technology and the incumbent lighting control system wasre-commissioned to the bank’s current functionality requirements:

The luminaires were guaranteed for 5 years so the client has a five-year maintenance free period

Reduced carbon footprint

The old 36W PL-L compact fluorescent luminaires consumed around 40W of energy which was replaced with a LED package running at around12W (70% energy saving)

Emergency lighting upgraded to comply with BS5266 1:2016

The first 4 and a half floors of the project(6000+ luminaires) were completed within the bank’s planned time-frame of 24weekends working out of hours without any disruption to the day to day running of the bank.