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AT&T were looking to create a better working environment at their UK head office, and for ways to deliver on their environmental goals. Aware of ageing control gear and failing lighting control equipment, Senior Property Management Engineer, Mark Yarwood, contacted Llumarlite to explore potential lighting solutions that would address the aging lighting, deliver long-term savings through reduced maintenance, energy costs and meet with the company’s wider environmental position.

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Monitored Lighting Circuit Loads Old Fluorescent, Switch vs New LED, Dimmed

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New fitting installed

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Our initial site survey found a dull working environment across the office which did not meet the recommendations for light quality or visual comfort as outlined in the CIBSE lighting guide SLL LG7. Corridors running through the open office utilised a variety of short-term legacy solutions, combining a mix of compact fluorescent and GU10 spotlights. Existing luminaires were using high frequency control gear, helping to reduce flicker and provide some reduction in running costs, but they also used a low efficiency reflector material and inefficient lamps, reducing the luminaires’ system performance. In addition to the original brief, we Identified areas that would help the client make savings to their ‘in use’ lighting and secondary cost savings. This included the emergency lighting which used utilitarian surface mounted fluorescent luminaires which had reached the end of their lifecycle, regularly requiring battery and lamp replacement.

“Llumarlite worked with us to identify our needs, and delivered the savings promised , adding the benefits of an enhanced working environment for our staff. Throughout the installation phase, they co-operated seamlessly with our FM team and Project Manager, working out of hours to ensure there was no disruption to our employees."
Mark Yarwood CEng MCIBSE
Lead Engineer, Property Management Team
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Image 3
Corridor before showing mix of GU10 and CFL fittings

Image 4
Corridor after showing LED panels, LED Downlight with Halo Ring and Emergency 2W LED

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A lighting scheme developed in-line with the SLL LG07/15 Lighting Guide 07 for office lighting, included the Amalfi LEDUGR19, a luminaire built around Circular Design Principles, enabling us to reduce the number of luminaires within the office space. Dimmable features added to the lighting helped improved comfort and assists with long term sustainability goals. Self-test DALI Emergency equipment was used, allowing future upgrade or connectivity options. Working closely with the clients FM provider, CBRE, Llumarlite installed the lighting over a 4-week period outside of their office working hours to avoid any disruption to the client during the project installation took place outside of their working hours.

Energy monitoring of agreed lighting circuits before and after the installation proved a 52% saving, with the peak lighting load reduced by 70% which was in line with the savings forecast. AT&T have also carried out their own monitoring across all electrical services and noted an overall building energy saving of over 30%. Positive results and feedback from staff lead to AT&T addressing other areas. The lighting in the toilets and stairwells were updated to save energy, reduce maintenance, and visually align with the upgraded offices with self-test DALI equipment used allowing for future upgrade or connectivity options. Emergency lighting was also updated to cover current risk and new Fire Fighting Equipment by using a standalone miniature recessed on-maintained LED source. This brought the Emergency Escape route signage, stairs and main evacuation routes in line with BS5266-1:2016.

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